Get All Orders

Filter by field

You will be able to filter the orders according to the desired fields.

Example URL:**status=canceled**

statusSearch by status (ie. approved, invoiced)
createdCheck from creation date (ie 2017-01-01to2017-02-01)
modifiedCheck from update date. (ie 2020-01-01to2021-02-01)
skuSearch orders that contains this sku
channel_idSearch by original channel id (ie 1231)
channelSearch by channel name (ie. Mercadolivre)
attributeSearch by attribute code or attribute value field (exact)
nfe_numberSearch by invoice number
has_nfeSee if has invoice number
track_codeSearch by track code
shipping_companySearch by shipping company
externalSearch by your application id
ackShow olders that is or not know (ie. ack=1 or ack=0)
othersyou can search by any other api propriety, like "receiver_name=Anny or status=active"
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