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Filter by field

You will be able to filter the products according to the desired fields.

Example URL:

createdCheck from creation date (ie 2017-01-01to2017-02-01)
modifiedCheck from update date. (ie 2017-01-01to2017-02-01)
availableCheck if is available in your app
allSearch a string (like) in name or description field
skuSearch by sku (exact) sku in parent or child
byskuSearch by sku (like) in parent or child
categorySearch by string in category field (like)
attributeSearch by attribute code or attribute value field (exact)
idSearch by pluggto id in parent or child
has_externalSee if has your application product id
quantitySearch by quantity/td>
quantitySearch by quantity in parent or child
othersyou can search by any other api propriety, like "brand=MyBrand"
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