Update Order Tracking Status

Example Request



It is important to send the id attribute to avoid duplicating delivery in the order.

Reason for update failure

When you return the error:

    "error": true,
    "type": "not_updated",
    "message": "An error occurred, see details for more information.",
    "details": "Changes not found in the order"

It means that the order is already updated in the API Plugg.to, and it is not possible to send the same status.

Request object has the following properties:

idstringId created in shipments after invoice update
shipping_companystringShipping company
shipping_methodstringOrder shipping method
track_codestringPackage Tracking Number
track_urlstringPackage Tracking URL
status (1)stringOrder update status
status (2)stringShipping action status
date_shippedstringDate shipped
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